Anyone who can contact David Lubar,
tell him Paul Mayorskiy has a "what if" for him.
It's "What if a kid playing video games ended up being in the video game?"
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This is my Lego League report:

My way of trying to stop pollution is to have people in highway traffic park their cars so they would use less gas. I think my idea would prevent most of the pollution that happens around the highway area(70-75%).

Some good parts about this idea is that you could do what you want (that's appropriate at the time). You can read, play Sudoku, or play portable video games and DVDs.

Even though there are good parts, there are also bad parts. You might get to the place you want or need to go later than expected. Also, if the exit the traffic started isn't your exit, it would be harder to get through traffic.

There are good parts and bad parts to my plan, but the best part is that people prevent pollution.

My poems:

Terrified Fish in a Shark's World

The Secret Life of an American Granola Bar